My Services

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The Way I Work

I have experience working with:-


As an experienced psychodynamic counsellor, I work with individuals and couples.

Our counselling work focuses on both conscious and unconscious processes that manifest in a person's present behaviour and often stem from our early significant relationships.

As we create relationships with new people, we can project onto them aspects from these earlier relationships.  Bringing this into your awareness helps you to gain insight and the capacity to think about how you live your life.  It would be important for us to consider how you see yourself and how you see others across many different relationships.

Psychodynamic counselling offers the chance to make more conscious the ways you are relating so our relationship forms the heart of our work.  We will keep in mind that what may have worked well in the past might now be coming at a cost to your current life experience.   

Together, we begin to understand the way you relate to others, to the world, and, of course, to yourself.  Through our relationship, we enhance your awareness and strengthen your sense of self as an authentic, creative and resilient person.

Our First Appointment

I understand that it can be daunting to come to counselling, especially for the first -time so our first session is an important one to orientate ourselves to how we might work together.  During our first appointment we will :-

  • talk about what brings you to counselling. 

  • talk about confidentiality and what we might expect

  • take a short history of your background ie your family, childhood and close relationships

  • consider how this way of working fits with what you are struggling with. 

  • confirm our session time, regularity and book our next session should we wish to continue

Individual Counselling

I would invite you to see our work together as-

  • A confidential space for you to talk through whatever you are struggling with

  • A relationship where you can bring all aspects of yourself for us to think about together

  • An opportunity to enhance your self-awareness

  • A regular commitment to look at loss, anxiety, self-esteem, or whatever is troubling you

  • An important investment in yourself

In the first session we might talk about what you are struggling with.  It would be important for me to hear about your life experience, your relationships, your family, including your childhood.

If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or joy seems to be absent from your life, we will think together to gain insight into your sense of self, how you see others and, in so doing, change starts to become possible. 

Couple Counselling

When I work with a couple it is your relationship that is my client.  With this in mind, my focus is on:-

  • The couples state of mind

  • Good communication

  • What brought you together and what now feels like it’s not working

  • What might be causing your difficulties that may be out of your awareness

  • Any significant life events that may have impacted on your relationship

  • What is important to you personally in a relationship and how this is heard and valued

Together we think about how you, as two people with a unique past, come together as a couple.   Thus, enhanced empathy, an in-depth understanding and a great deal of compassion will be at the heart of our counselling work.


I completed Therapeutic Supervision training with APPCIOS (Assoc for Psychodynamic Practice and Counselling in an Organisational Setting) in 2017 as my continuing professional development.  This training had a strong focus on transference and the experience of the therapist. 

In my view, it is important to take account of the internal and emotional difficulties that can arise in our work with clients so I aim to provide a reflective space for in-depth support to deepen the therapist’s understanding and enhance their professional capacities.

I have been a psychodynamic counsellor since 2008 with experience and training also in couple work.  I now run my own private practice in Edinburgh and I am an Accredited member with BACP. 

I would welcome your initial approach to my offering supervision for your therapeutic work and we can arrange a first meeting to discuss supervision and how this might be taken forward at no charge. 


£50.00 per session – individuals

£60.00 per session – couples

£40.00 – supervision provided to therapists